My Favorite Recipe Sites

By far my favorite when I have a bunch of stuff in my fridge and don’t know what to do with it (which brought me such deliciousness as Kale Mushroom Ricotta Casserole or Sweet Potato Muffins). Or if I think something sounds like a good idea but I’ m not sure (which brought be Apples and Honey Gratin and Strawberry Guacamole). Just type it in and see if it comes up! And if it doesn’t, there might be a reason for that…

Kind of annoying as a user because they make you register and login (and kind of annoying as a blogger because they never approve or reject your content and you have to bug them a bunch) but once you’re on it’s great on both counts! Absolutely beautiful, searchable food porn that links you to blogs like mine! There’s an app, and you can save your favorites. I’ve gotten some great ones from this site, like: Sweet Potato Gnocci, Citrus-marinated Chicken, and Cinnamon Apple Chips.

Food 52
One of the greatest places to go if you’re trying to make something traditional, but make it more fun.  It’s a competition site for home cooks with weekly contests like “best bag lunch” or “best sundried tomato”.  My friend’s mom is a member and turned me on to the site, and I love it.  And I’ve gotten some great recipes from them, such as: Roasted Fennel and White Bean Dip, Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding, and Kale Pesto


Epicurious: These recipes always are always good – flavorful and often impressive.  A good go-to for dinner parties.  Some of my favorites: Shaved Fennel Citrus Salad, Verde Enchiladas, Almond Crusted Cod Piccata

Whole Foods: I really love them because they have an app that works without connection (i.e., underground on the subway).  Some of my favorites: Sesame KalePear and Sweet Potato Latkes, Indian Chickpea Salad

Marisa’s Healthy Kitchen: The cooking blog of a dear friend who I NEVER see, and my original blog inspiration! A couple great ones from her: Mixed Nut Chia Seed Pudding and Coconut Lentil Soup