Indian Chickpea Salad

20140911-161920-58760278.jpgNot totally sure what makes this salad “Indian” – aside from the fact that that’s what Whole Foods calls it – but it is delicious! And a great use for the chickpeas that I randomly decided to soak and cook.

I soaked the chickpeas for about a day and a half. Then I simmered them in water with onion, bay leaf, crushed garlic, and pepper corns – this definitely gave them some flavor!

While they’re cooking, chop up a cucumber, toss with salt, and let sit for ~30 min, then squeeze out the water

Make the dressing. Mix together:
– Olive oil
– Lemon juice
– Honey
– Crushed mustard seeds
– Chili powder (they say cayenne but I couldn’t find mine – maybe I’m out?)
– (They also say celery seeds, which I don’t have)
– Salt and Pepper
All to taste! But think of the above as a most-to-least list

Chop up and squeeze out spinach – they say to use frozen, but I used fresh and it worked fine

Chop up a red bell pepper

Put everything in a bowl together and serve!!