Juice-Flavored Gummies

Gummies made from orange juice concentrate

I have been craving gummy bears – why? They’ve never been my thing. I always wanted my candy with substance, like chocolate or peanut butter or cream. Gummy bears are so empty!

After buying and demolishing regular gummy bears, I decided to try to make my own – and make them healthy(er).

Standard healthy gummy bear recipes like this one from Kim’s Cravings call for juice, some sort of sweetener, and about a tablespoon of gelatin for every quarter cup.

I tried this ratio and found the gummy-non-bears (I don’t have a bear mold so can’t really call them that) to be too hard and not flavorful enough.

In response, I made my own version.


– 1/3c juice concentrate – so much flavor and no need to add sweetener! (I used orange – pretty tart but pretty good)

– 1tbsp gelatin (or in my case, I used a packet of Knox)

– water to taste


Heat the juice concentrate and water slowly on the stove. When it starts to get warm, slowly add the gelatin, whisking it in until it dissolves

Pour the mixture into your molds, or do what I did and pour it into a cling wrap-lined shallow dish

Let it harden in the fridge – should take less than an hour

If you went mold-less, find something to cut out small shapes from your gummy disk

And voila!