My Favorite Substitutions

20130218-200716.jpgAgave for Corn Syrup
Even though agave isn’t quite as good for us as everyone thought, it’s still way better than corn syrup! And it comes in dark and light, just like corn syrup – easy to substitute! And I haven’t found a recipe yet that where it didn’t work – baking, glazes, and even candies!

20130616-172342.jpgParsnips for Potatoes
Honestly, potatoes are empty, except for the skins. If you love them, keep eating them, but if you don’t, use parsnips instead! Parsnips also have a mild flavor and work great as a substitute in stews and gratins (I actually prefer them – they hold together better and don’t get so mushy, and no one I’ve served them to has even noticed!). You can also make parsnip fries! The only thing is I haven’t tried parsnip mashed potatoes (have you? I’m curious) so my current favorite mashed potato substitute is cauliflower and white beans.

20130218-200849.jpgAvocado for Mayo
They’re both creamy, they both have a mild flavor, and mayo is weird and not great for you, and avocado is simple and good for you! Anyway, I think it works great. I use it in tuna salad, deviled eggs, on sandwiches, basically anywhere. It definitely changes the flavor a bit, but in a good way!

20130218-200925.jpgCoconut Oil for Butter (or any other oil)
I like it because it keeps well, and therefore, I think, extends the shelf-life of whatever you’re making. It works for sautéing and for baking. It does have a different flavor but, again, not bad and sometimes preferable!

Mary’s Gone Crackers for Panko or Bread Crumbs
This works so well in almost everything I’ve tried it in – especially croquettes or other things where the breadcrumbs are supposed to be mixed in. And it’s also great way to use up all the little crumbly bits at the bottom of the cracker bag!