Fried Chickpeas with Spinach and Chorizo

So chorizo is amazing – I’m constantly craving it, and also constantly looking for new recipes that incorporate it. I’d also bought spinach, so googling the two led to this recipe from the New York Times which also featured chick peas.

I only had dried chick peas, so this recipe was a while in the making: one night I soaked them, the next night I cooked them. Then finally I was ready to use them!

– Fry the chick peas in olive oil, salt, and pepper, until they begin to brown. The recipe says 10 minutes. I would say 20 (although maybe I didn’t have my heat up high enough?)
– Add in the chopped chorizo and continue to cook for another ~10 minutes
– Remove the chick peas and chorizo
– Add in more olive oil, the spinach, more salt and pepper, and sherry – which I didn’t have so I used white wine (totally worked). Cook til the water has been released and evaporated
– Add everything together and then add in bread crumbs – I used crunched up Mary’s Gone Crackers, which I should really add to My Favorite Substitutions because it’s really amazing.

The result was delicious, as affirmed by an impromptu dinner guest!