Strawberry Gazpacho with Scallion Ribbons

I stopped by a cafe that had on its menu a chilled strawberry soup. I wasn’t hungry at the time, but was inspired to make it on my own. Here goes:

There were a lot of recipes out there, but I used one from Blue Kitchen because it was savory and spicy, and reminded me most of the one from the cafe. I basically followed it:
– 1 cucumber, seeded, UNPEELED
– 3/4 of a big thing of strawberries
– Juice from half a lime
– 1 massive scallion (side note: I found some beautiful scallions at the store the other day! You know when some sort of produce just calls out to you? Well, this was a first for me and scallions – wow)
– A shake of cayenne
– A shake of paprika (they called for hot sauce, which I know isn’t the same thing)
– A swig of olive oil
– Sea salt
All into the cuisinart and pulsed until it was blended but still textured. And that was that!

The original recipe said to garnish with chives. But I had these beautiful scallions! And then I discovered that if you cut the scallions length-wise, you can curl them over the back of a knife like ribbon!! I think thinner curls may have been prettier and more palatable than what I have pictured, but how cool is that???

Also, this turned out delicious. Sweet, savory, and perfect for summer!