Me This blog, for me, is about doing what you want when you cook. Cooking should be fun, creative, and low stress – even for novices.

When I first started cooking, I would just throw things together and see how they would turn out. Sometimes they would be good, but most of the time I would be happy I didn’t have company. Once I started looking at recipes, my track record improved dramatically!

I don’t generally follow the recipes – I don’t really measure, and I almost always substitute or add ingredients – but using recipes at least gives me a guideline to follow that helps ensure that whatever I end up with will at least be well cooked and well seasoned.
– Sometimes I see a recipe that inspires me and I look at what I have at home that would work to recreate it so I won’t have to buy as much.
– Sometimes I’m in the mood for a certain ingredient, or I’m at the grocery store and something looks especially good, and I look for a recipe that features that.
– Sometimes I find myself with a random assortment of who-knows-what and I look online to find something that calls for most of what I have (and then just add the rest in anyway).
If I look at more than 1 recipe for roughly the same dish, it helps me figure out what’s more essential and what’s less essential, and then just do what I want from there. Sometimes it works out better than other times, but it’s so much more fun and less stressful and intimidating when you decide you don’t have to do things exactly as they’re written – it’ll probably turn out ok anyway, and maybe it’ll be even better than the original!!

Other things you should know:
– I cook almost exclusively from scratch
– I like full-fat ingredients and grain alternatives
– I routinely flirt with food trends that I find interesting or in line with what makes me and my mouth feel best
– I write this blog almost exclusively from my phone during my morning subway commute, hence the occasional uncaught autocorrect!