Simple Banana Pancakes

Simple Banana Pancakes

Sometimes I want eggs but I want sweet. These are perfect – easy, pretty healthy, versatile, and actually pretty delicious.

Banana-egg pancakes are all over the Internet, and everyone has their own variation, but here’s what I’ve found works best:

Mash together:

– 1 ripe banana

– 2 eggs

– 1/2tsp baking powder – not everyone says to add this but I find it makes for fluffier more pancake-like pancakes

-1/2tsp cinnamon – also helps with the pancake-like-ness

Fry in a pan over medium/med-high heat with a little butter

Add in fixings like pecans or blueberries (the texture differences help with the whole pancake thing too)

Be VERY gentle when you flip – the tops will still be runny, so it’s more of a delicate turn-over. Also the smaller you make your pancakes and the smaller your fixings the easier they will be to flip

And voila! Serve with more savory toppings like peanut butter and yogurt since, as I mentioned, these are already quite sweet