Green Smoothie Pops

These are legit Smoothie Pops, as compared to the other ones I made, which were basically just yogurt and fruit Popsicles, meaning that I made a serious smoothie, and then decided to freeze it. And in this way discovered my favorite new on-the-go breakfast!

Here’s what went in:
– Spinach
– Mango
– Strawberries
– Cucumber
– Banana
– Avocado

Blended together in – ok, my immersion blender is officially dead, i.e., I may have found a piece of it in a smoothie creation earlier this week, so I used the cuisinart for this one 😦

Had some smoothie straight up, and froze the rest for future days.

The result? Delicious and amazing, of course. People do look at you kind of weird when you’re eating a Popsicle on the subway at 8am, especially when it’s bright green and clearly homemade. But if your ego can handle it I’d highly recommend it.