Smoothie Pops

It’s summer, it’s hot, let’s freeze as many things as possible!

I decided I wanted to freeze Greek yogurt because frozen Greek yogurt is delicious and I thought it would make a delicious base for a frozen dessert. Well, I probably don’t have to tell you that sticking the whole container in the freezer overnight is not exactly the answer… It froze solid, like a block of ice, and the only thing I could think of to do was stick it in the refrigerator to unfreeze it – not sure what consistency it would have after that transformation.

Luckily, during the day it didn’t un-freeze completely, and it almost did have the consistency of frozen yogurt (if a bit icy…) but it was still a little weird, and it wouldn’t stay as-is anyway, so I decided to use it to make Popsicles!

I found this recipe for apricot yogurt Popsicles and decided it would work with strawberries (which is what I had). It’s sort of similar: yogurt, strawberries, and honey! Immersion-blending the frozen yogurt with strawberries and honey took care of the consistency problem, and it became smooth and pour-able – perfect for Popsicles. And they were delicious.

The reason I call them ‘smoothie pops’ is because they basically are, right? And then you can justify eating them for breakfast!