Salmon Skin Scramble

I know that salmon skin is good for you, and I had saved some, like a weirdo, from the salmon kale salad, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it. I decided maybe it would be good in eggs?

Surprisingly, when I googled “salmon skin omelet” nothing came up. Undeterred, I decided to sautĂ© the chopped up skin with scallions and butter, then scramble in eggs and then add some Parmesan. I also added pepper and salt. The salt may have been unnecessary, since the skin was salty enough, but other than that I think it was a success!

I mean, I’ll be honest, it was a little strange, but only I think because you don’t see salmon skin used as an ingredient in much besides sushi (and I tend to avoid those rolls). But whatever! If anyone has better ideas with what to do with salmon skin (or other skins, I suppose) please share!