Pecan Pi

IMG_3808If you know me at all (and probably if you’ve followed my blog at all) you won’t be surprised to learn that I’m super excited about Pi Day (and not just because it’s my amazing mother’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!!!!) And I, along with the other nerds, have been especially excited for This Pi Day (it being 3.1415 and all…) Anyway, what better excuse to make a pecan pie??

I got this recipe from, and I got the pie crust recipe from Elena’s Pantry – seriously the easiest pie crust on the planet – easier than regular non-GF/paleo pie crust ’cause this one you don’t have to roll out or anything.  All you do is blend together until it forms a ball:
– 2c almond flour
– 2tbsp coconut oil
– 1 egg
-1/4tsp salt

Then press it into the pie pan – done.  Then you can bake it at 350*f for ~10 minutes, or you can wait and bake it with the pie, which is what I did.

The filling:

Blend together (don’t bother washing out the cuisinart after the pie crust – who has time for that?):
– 2 eggs
– 2/3c sugar (I used mostly coconut sugar, but I ran out so used a little white)
– 1/2c agave (they actually say corn syrup, but I substituted)
– 2tpsp coconut oil (they said butter, but then you have to melt it…)
– 1tsp vanilla
– 1/2tsp salt (or some amount, I didn’t measure)

Then add in 1c pecans and pulse until they’re broken up a bit

Then pour the whole thing into your pie crust, arrange some pecan halves on the top to be pretty, fashion a π out of extra crust dough if you want to be a nerd, and bake at 425*f for 15 minutes, and then at 350*f for 30 minutes (or less if you’re like me and are freaked out by how hot the oven in your new apartment seems to be)

Serve! Maybe with some honeyed goat cheese as a topping, if that’s the closest thing you have to whipped cream in your fridge (actually quite a delicious combination!)