Chilled Curry Zucchini Soup

Unlike zucchini bread, this recipe from Heather Christo actually does call for a lot of zucchini – basically as much as you want to put in, in my opinion. It’s fairly simple, too, and quite delicious. And it’s fairly substantial for a summer soup, at least the way it turned out when I made it:

– Sauté chopped onion in a big pot with olive oil (they said white, but I only had red)
– Add in zucchini (they said shredded, I did chopped – you’re blending it all together later so I didn’t think the texture would really matter…)
– Then they say to add in potato, which is not my thing so I looked around for something else that could be a thickener and I decided on raw cashews. I just threw them in the pot to cook with the rest. This worked phenomenally, by the way, but only because you blend it later. They didn’t get soft like potatoes or anything, so bare that in mind for future substitutions.
– Then add in some kind of broth – I used a jar of whatever was in my freezer, so either soup stock or bone broth.
– Then let it cook for a while. When it’s done, blend it and add in salt, pepper, and spice. They said curry powder, but I didn’t have any so I did a bunch of turmeric and cumin, and a little bit of ginger.
– Chill it and serve it with something creamy on top. I opted for Greek yogurt. I think a drizzle of olive oil would have been delicious too!