Frozen Chocolate-covered Banana Bites

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but I made way too much frosting to go with my zucchini cupcakes. What to do with the excess (that will also help to offset how insanely rich the chocolate-butter-yogurt-sugar frosting turned out to be)??

I decided to cut up bananas, cover them in the chocolate, and freeze them. I put them in a single layer on waxed paper, and let them sit overnight. (Well, most of them… a few may have been consumed at various stages of the freezing process.) This morning when I checked on them the chocolate was much more solid (and the bananas were obviously frozen through) but they were still sticky and thus messy and unable to be thrown into a container until a proper occasion. To address this, I rolled them in almond meal. This was fine, but you might choose to roll them in something a little more on theme – like powdered sugar, or actual nuts. (Alternatively you could figure out a chocolate combination that would harden completely when frozen. Any suggestions?)

It was fine though, they’re delicious. And perfect if you just want a little bite of something and you want it to be cold and decadent and somewhat healthy.