Wild Rosehip Tea

This isn’t so much a recipe as a how-cool-is-this? I was coming down with the dreaded summer cold, and my cousins suggested I make tea from the rosehips growing on a bush we passed.

Well, that was a week ago, but the rosehips survived in my fridge, and this morning I finally did it! I found a recipe from Eating Richly for guidance:

– Trim the rosehips so that it’s just the bulb part
– Cover them in water and boil for a few minutes
– Squish them into the pot and then let them sit for a while
– Be careful when you squish them that you don’t spray boiling water all over yourself
– Strain the tea into a mug or a jar – I used part of an old teeshirt for this, but for people with coffee filters, I guess that works too

You can sweeten it or just drink it as-is like I did. A little sour, but pleasant, and apparently loaded with vitamin C!