Spice-stuffed Baby Zucchini

I saw these adorable baby zucchinis at the store the other day and was intrigued! Most recipes I found said to slice and sauté them, but this one from DVO looked more interesting, and I had other Indian dishes on the menu, so it worked perfect!

Basically, you slice the zucchinis from the end to the stem without going all the way through, creating a pocket. Then you continue to be careful not to split them as you stuff them with a spice mixture. I used:
– Cumin
– Cayenne
– Coriander
– Turmeric
– Ginger (they called for fresh ginger later in the recipe but I didn’t have any)
– Salt
– (They also said mango powder, which I’d never heard of and obviously didn’t have, but sounds delicious!)

Then I sautéed them in peanut oil until they were a little browned on all sides. (They said to sauté in vegetable oil and add in peanuts later, but I didn’t have peanuts and used almonds later, so peanut oil seemed like a good choice)

When the zucchinis were pretty much done (which I think happened quicker than I thought as they were very done by the end, but still good), I added in:
– Sliced garlic
– The rest of the spice mixture
– Fresh (but dying) cilantro
– Slivered almonds

Omg so good and so pretty! And so fun to eat zucchini stems!! If you can find these somewhere I definitely recommend trying them!!!