Verde Enchiladas with Halibut or Chicken


My friend Bethany and I were tasked with cooking dinner for 11 people, and for some reason I thought enchiladas would be perfect because it’s a big casserole-type thing. Only, turns out it’s pretty involved, and one person is a pescatarian, and another won’t eat beans or mushrooms, and on and on (add to that the challenge of shopping for all our ingredients at a super walmart in upstate NY where there only fish they had was frozen and crazy expensive…) We decided to start with this recipe for halibut enchiladas from Epicurious and then just make a double recipe with half of them chicken

– We marinated the chicken overnight in a spice mix that included adobo and such, then pan-sautéed it before shredding it to put in the enchiladas
– We pan-fried the defrosted halibut with lime, adobo spice blend, salt, pepper, and paprika, and then shredded that too (they said to cook this in the oven, but this worked probably better)

– We made the verde sauce by boiling, straining, and then blending together:
— A bunch of tomatillos – I think around 15
— 2 onions
— A massive amount of garlic, I think a bulb and a half (even though our double recipe only called for 6 cloves. This was somewhat unintentional, but definitely recommended!)
— 3 jalapeños
— Lime juice from 1 lime
— A bunch of cilantro (actually don’t boil this, just add it to the blending part)
— Salt and pepper

– We made the enchilada filling by mixing together:
— 1 onion, diced and sautéed
— 1c mayo
— 1c sour cream
— 1 small can of green chilies (I think we were supposed to have 2 but it was ok)
– 2c cheese – I think this was suppose to be 4, and at the end my main comment was that there could have been more cheese, so don’t halve this amount

– Warm the tortillas (we did this in tinfoil in the oven, they say to dip them in warm oil) (we also used corn tortillas with the fish and flour with the chicken – I don’t know if it really made a difference)
– Pour some verde sauce in the bottom of a casserole dish
– Make the enchiladas by putting some of the sour cream-mixture and some of the protein in the tortilla, then roll it as best you can and place it seam-side down in the dish. I didn’t have any problem with these falling apart or spilling in the dish, so I think it’s probably pretty easy to do. Just kind of wedge them in there
– Pour more verde sauce on top
– Top with more shredded cheese

– Bake at 350*f for ~20 minutes until the cheese is all melty, and serve!
– We served with rice and refried black beans

And not to toot my own horn, but everyone raved about these, saying they were the best enchiladas they’d ever had and the best meal of the trip, so maybe all the effort is worth it!