Graham Cracker Marshmallow Bars


Despite all the s’mores we ate over Memorial Day, I got sent home with a box of graham crackers and a giant bag of marshmallows (not sure who scored the chocolate…). I decided I wanted to make something like rice crispy treats with the graham crackers substituting for the rice crispy part, but I couldn’t find any guidance for this online (sometimes that’s a sign…) everything called for eggs or chocolate or golden grahams. So I decided to just use the classic Kellogg’s recipe and just substitute and see what happened.

– Melt a little less than 1 stick of butter in a big pot over low heat
– Melt half of the bag of marshmallows (~14oz) into the butter, stirring
– I also added some maple syrup and some salt to help with the end-result flavor. I don’t know if I put in enough to do anything, though
– Crush the graham crackers (I ended up using the whole box, and I just used my palm to crush them in the packages – this was sufficient, and pretty fun!)
– Turn off the heat and stir the graham crackers into the marshmallow
– Press into a greased 8×14 or whatever pan (they say to press with waxed paper, which I tried and which created a mess – I just ended up using my slightly wet hand)
– Sprinkle the top with chocolate chips – this is optional, but I thought it would make them look prettier, since they really don’t look that pretty
– Let cool, cut, and serve

The result: pretty good! Super dense and chewy, and the texture seemed weird to me because the graham crackers are pretty crumbly so it was either crumbs mixed with marshmallow goo or pieces of graham cracker that turned into crumbs when you bit into them. But people really liked them! Someone said they tasted like soft-serve ice cream and a cone all mixed together, which I hope sounds good to you.