Ricotta Coconut-flour Pancakes


This is an example of what happens when I break my own rule of over substitution. Basically, this recipe from The Kitchn is already one standard deviation away from regular pancakes because of the ricotta. And then I used their advice on substituting coconut flour. And then I realized that I was out of milk and so instead I used homemade kefir (fermented milk that is drastically sourer than yogurt) and the end result was so completely different from the fluffy ricotta pancakes I had been hoping for that, even with the addition of chocolate chips, I didn’t eat them.

In general I would say that this isn’t a bad recipe, but just either substitute coconut flour, or kefir, not both. Here’s the long and short:

– 1c ricotta (they say to drain it, but they also say to add milk so it doesn’t seem like liquid is the issue, I think you can probably skip this part, as I did)
– 3/4c flour (I used coconut)
– 1/2tsp baking powder (I added a little extra because of the coconut flour)
– 1 1/2tbsp sugar (I used coconut sugar which probably didn’t help matters)
– Salt
– 3/4c milk (I used kefir, as previously stated)
– Eggs – use 3 for regular flour, or 5 for coconut flour
– Vanilla
– Chocolate chips – not called for, but a last-ditch attempt to save these babies

– Beat the egg whites to stiff peaks
– Mix together the wet ingredients
– Add in the dry ingredients
– Fold in the egg whites
– Fold in chocolate chips, if using
– Spoon onto a buttered griddle over med-high heat and cook-flip-cook until done