Apples and Honey Gratin

20140925-122720-44840419.jpgWhat to make for the new year this year?? I had this vision of a crispy apple layered thing dripping with honey, but I couldn’t think what that would be called… Anyone know? Anyway, I googled apple honey gratin and got this recipe from Joie de Vivre which seemed close enough – thinly sliced apples with honey and butter and egg, all baked in a ramekin. They then put the gratin between two cookies to make a sandwich, but I skipped that part. They also used lavender honey, which I didn’t have so I decided to cook the apples with cardamom pods – this didn’t produce the flavor explosion I was hoping for, so next time I would crush up the cardamom. Here’s how it went down:

– Slice 2 apples thinly – I used a mandolin
– Sauté in butter over low heat until apples are soft. Add in cardamom or another spice if you want
– Add in a tablespoon or two of honey
– Add in a little salt (my addition)
– Beat an egg, mix with the apples, and put into a ramekin or oven-safe serving dish of some kind
– Bake at 325*f for ~20 minutes
– Let sit to set
– Serve! (maybe with ice cream)

Have a sweet New Year!