Sesame Kale

I had so much kale in my fridge – like probably 10 cups – just begging me to find a use for it before it went bad. And what did I find, but a sesame greens recipe from Whole Foods (they have a recipe app that works in the subway, so sometimes I default to them) that called for massive amounts of kale, and several other ingredients I had on hand (or could fudge):

Tahini (yum)
Lemon or orange juice (ok, well I had a lime – totally worked)
Garlic (conquered my fear of raw garlic – kept it in the fridge, and then let the raw chopped garlic sit in the lime juice for a bit to sort of ‘cook’ it, just in case)
Salt (it may not have called for this – I don’t remember, but in either case I think it’s optional)

Steam the kale, mix everything else together, mix it all together, and done. Kale cooked down to nothing, and I was able to practically eat all of it in one sitting. I also put some on toast with melted gruyere, because what could be bad about that?