Savory French Toast Bake

This was an insanely delicious and out-of-the-ordinary take on French toast that I highly recommend! It sort of combines French toast with your favorite omelette, so really you can put in it anything that you want. You can make it in individual ramekins, or as a casserole.

Here’s how it came about: I had friends coming over for brunch, and in my fridge I had:
Green peppers
Bread (gluten free Udi’s – and my friends ended up complementing the bread specifically!)
A bit of gruyere
Unsweetened almond milk
And 2 eggs (apparently the night before I decided it would be a good idea to hard boil all but 2 of my eggs – not thinking)

So I decided to make a savory French toast. I couldn’t find much online, but this recipe for a French toast casserole from Cooked Twice gave me the idea.

I greased the bottom of 3 ramekins with coconut oil
I cut the corners off pieces of bread so they would fit in the bottom
I sautéed the green pepper and onion in more coconut oil
I mixed together the eggs with (a lot of) almond milk, salt, and paprika (ok really I have just misplaced my fancy pepper from Cambodia in the move and still am refusing to by new stuff as I’m Sure I’ll find it!!)
Stirred in the peppers and the bread corners and the chopped gruyere
Poured the mixture into the bowls and let it sit and soak for about 15 minutes
Then baked it at 350*f for ~20 minutes.

When they came out, the bread was crunchy on the edges and soft in the center. The peppers still had a bit of crunch, and everything was smoothed together with the egg and the cheese. Definitely something to try again and again with different flavor combinations!!