Almond Flour-Crusted Cod Piccata Paprika

What to make for dinner? My friend sent me a recipe from Epicurious for a delicious almond flour-crusted cod.

Mix together:
– Almond flour
– Salt
– Paprika
Use this to coat the cod fillets

Sauté the filets in a mix of olive oil and grape seed oil (which we actually got for the occasion!) until they’re brown on both sides.

Put the fish in a warm oven and use the sauté pan to make a sauce with:
– Chicken broth (we used bone broth since that’s what I had on hand)
– Lemon juice
– Capers (the original recipe called for kalamata olives but my friend didn’t like olives so we substituted for a different salty and flavorful option. Come to find out that the original recipe was adapted from one that called for capers anyway, so go figure!)
Cook this all together until it reduces by half. Add more grape seed oil, and then pour the sauce over the fish and add parsley.

Voilà! Delicious, light – although maybe a little too light actually. Possibly better for a lunch or something than a dinner where you’re starving and exhausted! The sauce was bright and flavorful, and I’m breading everything in almond flour from now on. Done.