Strawberries with Chocolate, Pine Nuts, and Chardonnay

We wanted to make chocolate-covered strawberries but that whole refrigeration/hardening part means that they’re not instant, which is also what we wanted! And we wanted to do something special, which I decided meant we should just make it up. So here’s what we did:

– Sautéed some pine nuts in butter for a couple minutes so the flavor would be there, but not too strong
– Added in dark chocolate chips and the last few ounces of a bottle of Chardonnay
– Poured it over a bowl of chopped strawberries

It was delicious this way, but I felt like it could use a spice element as well. We debated between cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, but eventually settled on ground ginger. Yum. It brightened it a little and gave it that Je ne sais quoi.