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Orange Roughy with Garlic and Butter

  I was left to my own devices at the grocery store with the request of “fish”… so I asked the guy behind the counter what I should get. He said the best thing… Continue reading

Lemon-Oregano Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes

A friend who was over while I was cooking said, “You don’t need to do all that fancy stuff to salmon.” Well, that may be true, but do it anyway because the result… Continue reading

Almond Flour-Crusted Cod Piccata Paprika

What to make for dinner? My friend sent me a recipe from Epicurious for a delicious almond flour-crusted cod. Mix together: – Almond flour – Salt – Paprika Use this to coat the… Continue reading

Spiced Swordfish with Herbed Butter

Randomly I was lamenting the lack of swordfish in my life and then, thank you universe, my cousin said she was picking some up! Enter Grilled Swordfish a la Cousin Wendie: First, she… Continue reading