Orange Roughy with Garlic and Butter

  I was left to my own devices at the grocery store with the request of “fish”… so I asked the guy behind the counter what I should get. He said the best thing they had was orange roughy (which I had never heard of) and that there was a great, simple recipe with garlic that would come up if I google it. And really all you have to do is google “fish recipe” and it’s one of the first ones: from Big Oven, of all places. And even though it was super simple, it was SO GOOD! I mean… loads of garlic and butter are helpful… but the fish is also awesome. Totally recommended! Here’s how it goes:

– Mince a bunch of garlic (they say 3 cloves, we did about 20)
– Melt 2tbsp butter, and then add in the garlic and ~1tbsp olive oil
– Salt and pepper the roughy filet and put in a ~greased baking dish
– Pour the garlic mixture over the roughy
– Bake at 375*f for 15-20 minutes until the fish flakes

They garnish it with a bunch of stuff when it’s done, but we didn’t and it was nonetheless ridiculous