Amaranth Quinoa “Risotto” with Sautéed Mushrooms

  So, sounds fancy and delectable, but it wasn’t that great. Kind of just tasted like amaranth. Sorry friends-who-always-invite-us-over-and-make-us-delicious-food! If only we’d made you the Orange Roughy from last night…. But I think it could be good – my friend said to add more cheese and more butter and more herbs. I guess this is one of those situations when a simple recipe is also boring. Alack! The original was from Macheesemo. What we did was…

The Amaranth
– Cook down some chopped onion in a pot with butter and olive oil and a little salt (I used a red onion – possibly mistake #1?) (also, you’re not supposed to let it brown, and I did…mistake #2)
– Add in the amaranth (or I did a mix of amaranth and quinoa) and stir
– Add in broth – 2 cups for each cup of grain. I used chicken broth made from my Slow Roast Chicken, although they say to use veggie or mushroom broth (mistake #3?)
– Let cook until done ~25 minutes
– Garnish with parmesan (and they say parsley too but I didn’t have any) and serve immediately with the Mushrooms…

The Mushrooms
– Slice and sauté with butter and olive oil until brown
– Add salt, pepper, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes
(Note: The mushrooms were actually quite good)

Anyway… if you try it and have better luck let me know!