Slow Roast Chicken with Vegetables

  Roasting chickens is awesome – so much deliciousness from the bird, and then so much chicken stock potential! But I wanted to do one that would be a full meal because I didn’t feel like making a separate vegetable dish. So I found this one from Whole Foods which I didn’t read all the way through to realize that the whole thing takes over 2 hours! But it did end up super good, so if you have the time…..

– Poke a whole lemon a bunch of times and put it in the cavity of the chicken, along with 2 rosemary sprigs
– Surround the chicken (in a roasting pan) with chunked vegetables:
— Potato (they used small red ones, but we had regular brown ones)
— Sweet potato
— Carrot
— Onion

– Pour over the chicken and vegetables:
— 1c white wine
— 1c chicken broth
— 2tbsp olive oil
— (salt and pepper – I didn’t do this because I ended up with a pre-brined chicken?? never used that before, and didn’t seem to make much difference in the end, but who knows)

– Cover the whole thing with tinfoil
– Bake at 425* for 30 minutes
– Take the tinfoil off and bake at 350* for another hour and a half! basting periodically
– Take the chicken out and then recover the vegetables with the tinfoil and bake for another 20 minutes while the chicken rests

And (finally) voila!