Sweet Potato Hash

  I was at my mom’s, and we were making brunch for 8 people. Kind of a lot, but I do have a history of massive brunches with my old roommates on the upper upper west – we would invite 10-20 people over, have everyone bring different ingredients, and it worked like clockwork. Here’s what we would do:

Scrambled eggs with:
– Avocado
– Cheese
– Spinach (or another green)

Anyway, no bacon for my mom, and no waffles for me, so in addition to the eggs and the fruit, we made this hash from Reboot with Joe, which doesn’t look quite like his because we used the white sweet potatoes which are possibly yams? But it was pretty easy:

– Dice everything:
— Sweet potatoes
— Red pepper
— Red onion
— Scallions (or chives)
— Garlic

– Cook the onions with olive oil and a little salt til soft (~6 min)
– Add the sweet potatoes, peppers, garlic, and red and black pepper to taste (~10 minutes)
– Add the scallions (reserve some for garnish if you want, I forgot this) and cook til the sweet potatoes are soft and brown
– Garnish and serve!

Total crowd pleaser.