Mixed Nut Chia Seed Pudding

I had made a chia seed pudding years ago from my friend Marisa’s recipe which calls for chia seeds, dates, cashews, and whatever flavorings you want. Super delicious!

This time, I wanted to make something heartier with walnuts and pecans as well, and I didn’t have any dates. I found a recipe from Happy Cow that called for mixed nuts and maple syrup as the sweetener – perfect! Here’s how it went down:

– Soak the chia seeds in water overnight to form a gel – 1tbsp per 1/4c water (this isn’t necessary if you just want to make it and then let it sit and thicken on the back end)
– Soak the raw nuts overnight (this isn’t necessary either, in fact the recipe didn’t even say to, but I think soaking raw nuts makes them more digestible because something that’s hard to process comes out in the water, or whatever. Discard this water!)
– Blend the chia gel and nuts together with maple syrup and any other flavorings: The recipe called for cocoa and sea salt. I tried this with half of the batch and it was pretty good. It’s also good plain. Or you can add vanilla and cinnamon or really whatever else – you’ll see.

I had thought with the stronger-flavored nuts that the cocoa would be necessary to balance the flavor, but it wasn’t. And it was super good and super good for you because chia is such a superfood! (Haha)