Crispy Shallot Brussel Sprouts

Anyone who’s hung out with me in the last week has heard me talking about these brussel sprouts because I kept not making them. But now I’ve made them! And they’re delicious!

I pretty closely followed Running to the Kitchen’s recipe:
– Fry sliced shallots in olive oil and butter (or just olive oil. But I just found out that you’re not supposed to use extra virgin for cooking because it burns quicker – did everyone else know this??)
– Remove the shallots and fry the brussel sprouts in more olive oil and butter, and salt, and pepper, and lemon juice
– Add them together and serve!

My one deviation: They say to cut the brussel sprouts in half and fry on each side. I decided to cut them thin length-wise and stir them occasionally in the pan. I guess I just liked the idea of everything being sliced thin. And I’m obsessed with my tomato knife.