Bourbon Chocolate Black Rice-bread Pudding

I actually made this recipe for Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding once before, for my mom’s birthday, with regular bread, and it was ridiculous. But even at the time I thought it would be easy to substitute GF bread, although at that time I wasn’t thinking of black rice-bread.

But I think it worked really well! The gummy texture of rice bread that we either love or, more likely, hate, contributed to the pudding-like quality of the dish. And the fact that it was already brown made it appear more chocolaty than it actually was, which is a pretty good mind trick!

I pretty much followed the recipe other than that, except that I used almond milk instead of whole milk – I was a little worried about this, but not enough to buy a whole thing of milk just for a cup (oh yeah, because I had only half a loaf of bread so I made a half recipe – totally plenty, especially for someone like me, who inevitably eats 90% of what they make before anyone else gets a taste)

I also used 54% semi-sweet chocolate instead of 70whatever% because I messed up at the store. But I used coconut sugar instead of turbinado, which I think is less sweet, so maybe it balanced out.

So yeah, it ended up being:
– beat 2 eggs w 1c almond milk and 1/6+c bourbon (I used Johnny Walker red label)
– add in 4oz semi-sweet chocolate (chopped), 1/4c sugar, and 1/2loaf crumbled dried out bread.
– let it soak for 45 minutes, stirring it a couple times
– bake at 350 for ~30 minutes

I ended up stirring it a bit after it came out of the oven because it looked a little dry on top, but it was actually just fine. And ooohd and aaahd by GF friends and non-GF friends alike!