Pumpkin Cashew Pancakes

IMG_2651.JPGI’ve been lazy recently (can you tell?) but this morning I wanted to make something substantial, and I had a couple eggs and I remembered some cashew meal in the back of my cupboard. I found this recipe from Every Day Maven that called for coconut milk which I didn’t have, and so I decided to substitute pumpkin (they both come in a can, right?) and it totally worked out! Here’s how it went down:

Mix together the dry:
– 1 1/4c cashew meal (or I’m sure any nut meal would work)
– 1tsp baking powder
– 1/2tsp cinnamon (and I added in cloves and allspice for the pumpkin effect)
– Salt

Mix together the wet:
– 2 eggs
~ 1/2c pumpkin (they say coconut milk)
~ 1/2tsp vanilla
~ 2tbsp Maple syrup
~ 1tbsp melted coconut oil (don’t overdo this – I thought I should add liberally because I wasn’t using coconut milk, but they came out a little heavy)

Mix the wet into the dry and fry on coconut-greased skillet

Serve with more maple syrup