Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Arugula

IMG_2724.JPGI have been slacking, so the remainder of the can of pumpkin I used for my pancakes was still sitting in my fridge, and I had ambitiously defrosted a thing of veggie stock, promising myself that I’d make soup. I’m about to go out of town for a bit, so last night was do-or-(ingredients-)die. I used a recipe from Minimalist Baker – sort of. Here is how it went down.

– Sauté chopped shallot in a soup pot with olive oil (they say garlic too but I am out)
– Add in:
— Pumpkin (they say 2 1/2c – from roasted pumpkins, not from a can, and I had less than 2c. It worked fine, but more would have been good too)
— Cream – I used most of a half pint of heavy cream (again, trying to use up things before I leave, but they call for a cup of coconut milk, which would have been delicious too. As it turned out it was super rich, which was fine with me)
— Veggie stock – they say 2 cups but I probably used 3
— they call for a tbsp of maple syrup or agave, but I omitted this because it’s Nosugar November
— Salt and pepper (and I’m just seeing now that they called for cinnamon and nutmeg – oops! I thought it was a little bland so added in paprika and curry, which worked beautifully, so go either way)

– If you want to immersion blend, you can, I didn’t
– Simmer it for a few minutes while you make the arugula:

– Sauté arugula in a pan with oil (or really they call for kale, but I had a thing of arugula to get rid of)
– Add in toasted pepitas (or at least that’s what I did – they say to toast some sesame seeds and then add in the kale – whatever, it’s a green and a seed)
– When serving the soup, top each bowl with a scoop of the arugula

All in all, this was delicious