Nosugar November


Well, Halloween – in all its candy corn glory – was amazing. But now it’s No Sugar November which is something I thought I made up last year, but if you google it apparently it’s a real thing! I’m not surprised – it’s a fantastic (and obvious) idea. Right before the holiday season when you’re going to be surrounded by it, it’s an opportunity to press the reset button on your sugar intake (which I seriously need to do as my chocolate addiction has reached shameful proportions!)

If you want to do it with me, here are MY rules:

1) No Intentional Sugar
– No desserts
– No candy
– No sweeteners
– No granola bars or muffins or things that you know will be sweet
– No sweet beverages, including fruit juice (because the concentration of natural sugar is so high)
– No artificial sweeteners (because that’s probably worse for you than the original, and it’s cheating)
– No dried fruit, but fresh fruit is ok (again because of the concentration of natural sugars)
– Things with small amounts of sugar but that aren’t sweet are ok (like if you’re at a restaurant and something has a sauce on it that’s savory, but knowing restaurants you can be pretty sure they added a little sugar -whatever)

2) Thanksgiving Doesn’t Count!
(And it’s kind of this light at the end of the tunnel that you get to look forward to all month!)

From my experience, the first 3 days are hard, and then it’s pretty easy. Try it!