Paleo Crêpes


I’m not sure what put the idea in my head that I wanted crêpes, but I’m so glad because these ones from Stupid Easy Paleo were stupid easy, and behaved and tasted so similarly to regular crêpes! I’m totally going to make them all the time. Brunch anyone??

– 2 eggs
– a little melted coconut oil
Mix in until smooth:
– 1/4c arrowroot
– Small pinch of baking soda (really not that much because I didn’t use that much and I could kind of taste it in the end result, which I would say was the only imperfection)
– 1tsp coconut flour
– Pinch of salt
– Other stuff like vanilla if you’re making sweet crêpes (which I was not)

Heat an 8-inch non-stick pan on medium and pour in a small amount of the batter and then swirl it to cover the pan. You’ll know if you put in too little because there will be drippy holes, or if you put in too much because there will be a bunch of excess in the bottom. Both are remediable:
– Too little, just drip some more batter in to cover the holes – no one cares
– Too much, just pour it out the side of the pan back into the bowl. Then you can tear off that extra side part (and eat it – yum) before serving

Let the crêpe cook until it starts to come off the sides of the pan, and you can actually just pick it up and flip it with your fingers. A minute on the other side and then you’re done!

I filled mine with a combination of shredded chicken and harvest curry – yeah fancy leftovers!!

[For the record: I have since attempted these crêpes using only coconut oil, eggs, and arrowroot powder, and they totally worked – so do with that what you will]