Harvest Curry with Chickpeas


I had been eyeing this recipe from The Lemon Bowl for a while, and now that I’ve made it and it was so easy and awesome, I think variations of it will be a winter staple. I brought it to a harvest party, and it seemed to go over pretty well there too.

Basically you just put a bunch of stuff in your crockpot for ~8hrs, and then you can garnish it with other stuff.

Here’s what I put in mine:
– Parsnips (they said cauliflower, which I would have preferred, but they didn’t have any at the store so I wanted another white vegetable – I don’t know)
– Acorn squash (they said sweet potatoes but I decided on squash instead. Also orange)
– Brussel sprouts
– Red pepper
– Onion
– Diced canned tomatoes (they said tomato sauce, but that’s just a bunch of sugar and some spices that you can add on your own if you want)
– Chick peas (which I actually forgot to add until after it had already cooked, even though the can was sitting on my counter! I just added them in at the end and let it cook for a little longer, it was fine)
– Coconut milk (they say light which I certainly didn’t follow. They also said half a can and I put in the whole thing)
– Broth – I used bone broth but this is the only animal product in the dish so substitute as desired. (They said chicken broth)
– Spices: cumin, curry (which I actually have!), coriander, cayenne. I also put in some salt

After it’s done they said to stir in frozen peas, which sounded weird to me. So I just cut up some fresh corn kernels and added them into the yogurt garnish that I made, since I wouldn’t want the corn to be cooked when reheating.

Into the yogurt garnish I put:
– Yogurt (duh)
– Fresh corn (see above)
– Shallot (they said scallions but whatever, they are both in the onion family and start with the same letter)
– Spices: cumin, coriander, paprika, and salt

Twas delicious!