Sugared Cranberries


I wanted to bring something to thanksgiving (in addition to brûléed bourbon pumpkin pie – see tomorrow’s post) and I found this incredibly festive recipe for sugared cranberries. They are so pretty it’s a little ridiculous. You can do a bunch of different things with them – garnish stuff, put in a bowl with trail mix, bring a pretty jar of them as a hostess gift, or take the recipe’s suggestion of serving them on crackers with Brie and mint (which is absolutely incredible, please try it!!). Here’s how it goes:

– Cover fresh cranberries in warmed maple syrup and soak for a number of hours in the fridge
– Drain the cranberries and then roll then in sugar (I was originally planning on using coconut sugar instead of white, but the effect just isn’t that pretty, and also they’re surprisingly not very sweet at all so the sweetness of refined sugar was a nice compliment – and it’s a special occasion! And it’s Nosugar November cheat day!)
– Let the cranberries sit flat for a while to dry, and then put in the fridge until ready to use

Easy and impressive – my favorite!