Lactation Cookies

IMG_2744-1.JPGI’m visiting my best friend who just had a baby and she asked me to make her these cookies that are supposed to help with milk supply from The Sprouting Seed. Even if you’re not breastfeeding, they’re pretty hearty and delicious. Here’s the recipe:

Mix together the wet:
– 1/4c salted butter
– 1/4c honey
– 1/2tsp vanilla
– 1 egg

Mix in the dry:
– 1 1/4c almond meal
– 1/2tsp baking soda (they say powder, but apparently you can just substitute soda and it may not rise as much but with cookies it doesn’t really matter)
– 1/4tsp salt

Mix in all the additions (I think you can do whatever you want with this… especially for the non-lactation version):
– 1/2c unsweetened shredded coconut
– 1c oatmeal
– 1/4c walnuts
– 3tbsp brewer’s yeast (good for milk production, but otherwise I would leave it out – it’s a little gross)
– 3tbsp ground flax (coffee grinder works great)
– 1/4c chopped prunes
– 1/3c chocolate chips

Spoon tbsp-sized balls onto a greased or lined cookie sheet and flatten with a fork – they won’t spread out

Bake at 350*f for ~12 minutes and then cool on a rack