Roasted Carrots, Parsnips, and Fennel with Orange


I was going to my cousins’ for thanksgiving again and was struggling to find an inspiration of what to make. Then I got this idea in my head of vegetables with roasted orange, which sounded pretty weird to my coworker who was around when the inspiration struck, but there was a recipe online from The kitchn that seemed like exactly what I wanted. Here’s how it went:

Prepare the vegetables:
– Cut 1lb carrots in half and then cut the thick part in half again (the long way)
– Cut 1/2lb parsnips into pieces similar sized to the carrots
– Cut 1 fennel bulb into slices
– Cut 1 large orange into quarters (or small oranges in half)
(For the record, the recipe says this serves 2-4, but this overfilled my 8×11″ so I would say it’s party size)

Toss everything with:
– Olive oil (~3tbsp)
– Maple syrup (~1tbsp)
– Salt and pepper

Bake at 425*f for a long time! (They say 20-30 minutes which I knew wouldn’t been long enough. I would say 60+ minutes) stirring occasionally

And serve!

Happy thanksgiving!!