Pumpkin Seed Coconut ‘Granola’


‘Granola’ in quotes because there’s no grains, which is where I would assume the ‘gran’ part is from. Anyway… I was inspired by this delicious granola-fruit-honey-yogurt-spices concoction I got for brunch over the weekend, and my friend saying, “You should make this for us.” Done!

I found this recipe from Paleo Cupboard which gave me the basic formula:

Melt together the gooey part:
– Honey (I used whatever was left in my jar, so probably ~1/4c. You could also use maple syrup or any other sticky sweetener)
– Coconut oil (a couple tablespoons)
– Vanilla
– I also put in some nutmeg and black pepper, just for some fun

Mix in the substance:
For this you just use about 1-2 cups of whatever. I used the remains of what I had in my cupboard, which included
– Lots of pumpkin seeds (still leftover from the broccoli)
– Coconut (left from the macaroons)
– The end of a bag of sunflower seeds
– Some chopped up toasted almonds (no idea what they’re from)
– A few mixed nuts (left from the cinnamon bun muffins)
– They also say to add in dried fruit, but I didn’t have any

Spread the mixture onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake at 275*f for ~20min. They say to stir once, which I am just seeing now and definitely didn’t do which was fine, but you might want to

Let cool and then break apart!