Kale, Broccoli, Chicken Salad with Yogurt Mustard Dressing


First of all, if you’re ever wondering what to do with your dejected broccoli stems, shred them up and put them in salad. They make a great replacement for cabbage in cole slaw, and they’re awesome in this recipe from Snack Therapy:

Make the dressing:
– Greek yogurt ~1c
– Mustard (any kind) ~1-2tbsp
– Olive oil ~2tbsp
– Lemon juice ~2tbsp
– Honey ~2tsp
– Apple cider vinegar ~1tbsp
– Cayenne, salt, pepper

Make the salad:
– Cooked chicken – we put some breasts in a pan with olive oil, garlic salt, and lemon pepper
– Chopped kale – the smaller the better
– Grated broccoli stems – we just put these in the processor part of my friend Meghan‘s immersion blender (she has the same one I do – smart move!)
– Nuts/seeds/cranberries – we just used a package that had a bunch of stuff in it, including pumpkin seeds, almonds, pecans, and cranberries. They specifically suggest sunflower seeds, but I couldn’t find any at the corner store

Put it all together and voila!

Very positive feedback from Meghan and her roommate – definitely a good one to keep in mind as the weather gets warmer