Cinnamon Bun Muffins


My mom was in town this weekend, and I slacked in the cooking department which I feel a little bad about. But we did make these muffins, and they were super good, so at least partially made up for it.

Part of the challenge was that I didn’t have much in my kitchen. But I did have eggs and almond and coconut flours, hence the muffin plan. We found all sorts of delicious muffin recipes on Paleo Grubs, but the only one I had all the ingredients for was this one from Comfy Belly. Double the recipe if you want a full dozen (which you will)

1) Make the muffin batter
– Mix together the dry:
— 3/4c almond flour
— 1/4c coconut flour
— 1/4tsp baking soda
— 1/4tsp salt
– Add in the wet:
— 3 eggs
— 1/3c milk-type-product (we used whole milk, but they say dairy-free milk or yogurt)
— 1/4c maple syrup (or they say honey)
— (I would also suggest vanilla or almond extract or nutmeg or something. The muffins were delicious as they were, but a little more complexity of flavor in the batter would have been nice)

2) Make the cinnamon topping
– Mix together:
— 2tbsp cinnamon
— 1/4c maple syrup (or they say honey – the maple flavor didn’t come through too strongly, which was a concern of my mother’s, it just tastes like cinnamon)
— 2tbsp melted butter (again, you could do a dairy-free substitute)
— 1/4c chopped nuts (they say walnuts, we used a random assortment that I had on hand. They also say this is optional, but the crunch and texture addition was pretty great)

3) Make the muffins
– Grease the muffin tin (or they say use liners)
– Fill the cups 1/4 with batter
– Add a dollop of topping
– Fill to 3/4 with batter
– Add more topping
– Bake at 350*f for ~24 minutes