Halvah Bars


These bars really just taste like halvah, except that the texture is different, and they’re not as crazy sweet, so basically you can eat them for breakfast – or whenever – and not have to crash afterwards

I started with this recipe from Sondi Bruner which is just
– Honey
– Sesame seeds
– Coconut flakes
– Nut butter (but I used tahini because it’s what I had, and this is the main reason the end result was so halvah-esque)
– Vanilla
– I also added a dash of salt, and at the 11th hour, some chopped up dried, unsweetened cherries – yum!!

The ratio should be about 2:1 sesame seeds + coconut to nut/seed butter and honey. I did a little less wet (or really I didn’t measure at all) and my bars turned out pretty crumbly, and I think it was because the ratio was off, not because I used seed butter (tahini) instead of nut butter – but let me know what you think

Warm the nut/seed butter and honey to facilitate mixing in the other ingredients (I just did this in a glass bowl held over the stove, because I’ve been creating too many dirty dishes lately, and I figured that if I kept it far enough from the flame that it didn’t burn my hand, then the bowl was probably pretty safe from explosion)

Press it all into a pan and bake at 300*f for 20 minutes

Cool and cut!