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10-minute Salmon

I had bought this beautiful piece of salmon, but by the time I got it home last night I was tired and didn’t feel like cooking (anyone else ever have this problem?). No… Continue reading

Citrus-marinated Chicken

I found this recipe from Marin Mama Cooks on Gojee (which has a decent food app again, thank you!) and even though we started late, and it’s kind of a process, it was… Continue reading

Cherry Sliders

These were incredible. I had ground beef in my fridge that I was planning to make into chili, but burgers sounded way better, and then I found this recipe from Brooklyn Supper which… Continue reading

Roasted Balsamic Chicken

The other thing I … helped make with the chef was this insanely delicious balsamic chicken. Here’s what I know about how to make this a reality again: – Use chicken with the… Continue reading

Roasted Beets and Squash with Sausage

My friend had a butternut squash, and I had beets, so I decided we’d make soup by roasting them first with garlic, onion, thyme, paprika, and coriander. And coconut oil and salt. We… Continue reading

Chicken Strips with Honey-Mustard

First a small vent: Normally I’m totally happy with what I can eat. But when I’m on a work trip in a small town or whatever and at the mercy of local restaurants… Continue reading

Almond Flour-Crusted Cod Piccata Paprika

What to make for dinner? My friend sent me a recipe from Epicurious for a delicious almond flour-crusted cod. Mix together: – Almond flour – Salt – Paprika Use this to coat the… Continue reading

Pizza with Almond Flour Crust

When I was home last week, I made dinner with my friend Rebecca who is a seasoned alternative cook. This pizza turned out delicious! And really like pizza. The crust was a little… Continue reading

Easy Korean Beef

It’s true I make a lot of good stuff. But every once in a while I make something divine. This was so good that I had a hard time tearing myself away from… Continue reading

Mini Breakfast Quiche

This was my third attempt at using muffin tins to create individual breakfast portions, and it worked pretty well! We used a recipe from Ancestral Chef for egg muffins which turned out to… Continue reading