Cherry Sliders


These were incredible. I had ground beef in my fridge that I was planning to make into chili, but burgers sounded way better, and then I found this recipe from Brooklyn Supper which sounded amazing!

– Ground beef (I had ~3/4lb)
– Cherries – they didn’t specify, but I used dried, a large handful, and I chopped them up a bit
– They say Worcestershire sauce, but I didn’t have any so I did a splash of tamari and a splash of apple cider vinegar
– Red onion – diced, about half of one
– Salt and pepper
– I also added cumin (and I’m sure experienced burger chefs could think of other things to add, and it would be delicious)

Mix it all together and form it into patties. I decided on sliders instead of full burgers, and I ended up with 14.

This recipe is for the grill, and I don’t have one, so I decided to use my broiler pan. I baked them at 450*f for ~12 minutes – probably too long because I guess the meat thermometer I got from the dollar store doesn’t work anymore, but they were still delicious.

The last couple minutes in the oven I put a slice of gruyere on top of each one. This was definitely a good addition.

The result was awesome – meaty burgers with this tart, sweet burst and gooey cheese on top – mmmmm. I’m glad I still have a couple left for lunch today!