Roasted Beets and Squash with Sausage


My friend had a butternut squash, and I had beets, so I decided we’d make soup by roasting them first with garlic, onion, thyme, paprika, and coriander. And coconut oil and salt. We were getting a late start, though, so we decided to blanch the veggies first and then roast them – I think this worked! But it still took forever, so we abandoned the plan and decided to make The Guardian‘s recipe because we also had sausage and I googled the three ingredients together.

Basically what you do is sauté the sausage (we used chicken sausage) in oil – we used more coconut – until it’s brown.
Then, add in the roasted veggies with the garlic and onion, and add in red wine vinegar. I don’t actually have that, so we used red wine and apple cider vinegar, which seemed to work just fine!

That’s pretty much it. The flavors seemed pretty disparate if you ate them one-by-one, but when you ate them together the flavors actually complemented nicely! Therefore I would recommend cutting the pieces smaller than we did.

Another interesting discovery/experiment that came out of this had to do with smashing garlic to remove the skin and release its amazing properties, or whatever, and whether the same would work with an onion. You obviously can’t smash an onion with the back of a knife like you can a garlic clove, but you can stomp on it! So we put the onion in a bag and smashed it and it actually kind of worked – the skin came off and the inside was pretty pulverized, requiring minimal chopping – try it sometime!