Banana Goop


I’m posting this as a reminder to myself, and possibly others, of why the whole referencing recipes thing is important if you’re making something new and you want whatever you’re making to turn out.

I did start by referencing a recipe for banana pancakes from The Skinny Confidential, which claims that you can make pancakes out of just bananas and eggs, and maybe a little flax seed. I added in allspice and nutmeg as well. And I’m sure it would have worked, except that I didn’t pay any attention to the ratio of things and ended up using 1 egg with 3 bananas instead of 2 eggs and 1 banana. I added in extra flax meal in order to compensate which didn’t work, and just like with the vegan version of my mandarin almond cake, too much flax in something is gross.

Then I decided to just make it into a custard by putting it all in a saucepan for a while, didn’t look at custard recipes – although I’m sure they require more eggs too – and just ended up with a bowl of banana-flax goop. I ate it anyway, and it was actually pretty filling! But not delicious at all.