Chicken Strips with Honey-Mustard


First a small vent:
Normally I’m totally happy with what I can eat. But when I’m on a work trip in a small town or whatever and at the mercy of local restaurants and bars and I keep having to get a wimpy salad, or whatever, I start feeling sorry for myself. And the only thing I can do is promise myself that I’ll recreate whatever it is that I wish I could have when I get home. Hence chicken strips from Paleo Newbie!

Ok, rant #2:
Why do people try to make alternative cooking SO alternative? I say in general you get to pick 1 alteration. In my case I wanted chicken strips that were grain-free. I do not also want them to be low fat! I think If you’re trying to make too many alterations then maybe you should just make something else all together because you’ll just be disappointed. I experienced this during one of my banana bread attempts as well. You may have guessed by now that these chicken strips:
– Left a little to be desired
– Were dramatically improved by the addition of more oil and frying

Here’s what I did:
Mix together
– Almond flour
– Coconut flakes (for some crunch in the breading). Flakes and flour should be about a 1:1 ratio
– Spices: I used cumin, paprika, cayenne, salt, and pepper. I could have used more of all of them.

– Cut chicken breasts into strips
– Coat the strips in egg and then in the mixture

Then you have a choice:
– You can bake them at 375 for ~15 minutes, and have mushy, disappointing strips (although maybe do it directly on a greased cookie sheet instead of on parchment or silicon and then they’ll get crispier?) or
– Put them in a pan with some oil – I used peanut which was a weird choice but fine – and sautĂ© them until they’re legit crispy (and cooked through, of course)

For the honey mustard:
– Mix together honey and mustard and a splash of cider vinegar. Don’t skimp on the honey, the color should change because you’ve added so much. But do it by taste.

Anyway, I think it’s important to figure out why you’re trying to make what you’re trying to make. If you’re really craving chicken, then I guess you can make it however you want. If you’re craving bar food, like I was, then the more oil and honey-mustard the better.