10-minute Salmon


I had bought this beautiful piece of salmon, but by the time I got it home last night I was tired and didn’t feel like cooking (anyone else ever have this problem?). No worries because this recipe from Food 52 was so quick and easy I was able to make it while getting ready for work this morning!

– Rinse and dry the salmon filet (skin on)
– Rub both sides in a mixture of spices. I used: paprika (they said chili), cinnamon, cloves (just a little – they didn’t call for this), salt, and pepper.
– Sear in a pan, skin-side down, that is greased with sesame oil (or they say a mix with canola) for ~5 min, then flip for ~2-3 min
– Let it sit and continue to cook internally for a bit while it cools

And done! How easy was that??